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  2. What is the first word that comes to your mind when we say LinkedIn? Job? Employment? Well, these are the common phenomena that LinkedIn is mostly associated with. It is perhaps the most popular forum for job seekers and job providers. However, it does not imply that this platform is solely dedicated to and effective for job related concerns. On the contrary, LinkedIn is quite a valuable tool for lead generation in the B2B arena.

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  3. Millions of people across social media are celebrating #TransformationTuesday today. Have you thought about transforming the way your business does social media marketing?

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  4. Historically, outbound marketing strategies such as print, TV and radio advertising were the tried and tested ways of enticing customers to make a purchase. Although, this approach hasn’t quite gone the way of the dodo, it is seen increasingly as old hat. An ever increasing number of brands are pouring dollars and human resources into inbound marketing such as blogs, podcasts and social media channels.

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  5. This photo of a baby elephant running is amazing. Do you want to know what is even more amazing? It is royalty free thanks to our partnership with some of the largest stock photo libraries in the world.

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  6. Many of this week’s social media campaigns have one thing in common – image sharing. From food to hotel industries companies have launched numerous social media marketing campaigns asking followers to send in photographs and videos. It is a strong recognition of the power of images to generate massive social media engagement.

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